Meet the KONG Dogs: Zeke

This KONG dog’s just one of the guys… meet Zeke.


I live with: Danielle Cornejo, Account Manager

My breed: Lab mix

My years at KONG: 10

My favorite KONG toy: Wobbler for treats, Bounzer and BraidZ…or any toy I can use to play keep away!

My favorite treat: Lamb Meat Stix

Hobbies: Protecting my yard, playing with my human brothers, going on walks and chasing many KONG toys around the house when mom gets home.

Favorite thing to watch: Bolt (I love hero dogs!)

Favorite song: “I Will Wait for You (by the door)” by Mumford and Sons

Did you know? Before I was adopted by my current family, my name was Roberto. Even though I’m muscular and strong, I have a soft mouth and use only KONG Puppy.

“A house is not a home until it has a dog.” – Gerard Durrell