Meet the KONG Dogs: Chilly

This KONG dog is an ice cream lover, just like the rest of us… meet Chilly.


I live with: Chuck Costello, Product Design and Management

My breed: Alaskan Malamute

My years at KONG: 4

My favorite KONG toy: Mega Wubba

My favorite treat: Frozen Snacks and Peanut Butter Easy Treat sandwiches!

Hobbies: Climbing mountains, chasing squirrels, taking long walks, napping and watching rabbits in the yard from the window, but wishing I was outside.

Favorite thing to watch: It’s a tie between Snow Dogs and Eight Below

Favorite song: Anything by Snow Patrol

Did you know? I will do anything for ice cream…and I have a crush on the Chihuahua down the street.

“Cold nose, warm heart.” – Anonymous