Meet the KONG Cats: Minou

This KONG cat is a true sweetheart: meet Minou.


I live with: Emily Lewis, Marketing Coordinator

My breed: Shelter kitty! Perhaps a domestic short-hair…but, a fluffy one

My years at KONG: less than one

My favorite KONG toy: I love anything with feathers, but my Jack Teaser is my favorite! Oh, and my Scratcher!

My favorite place to sleep: The windowsill in the dining room or on my fleece blanket on my king size Sleep Number bed (my sleep number is 35).

Hobbies: Stealing my mom’s hair ties and hiding them under the bed, watching birds out the window, and grooming my human friends (they tell me I’m “exfoliating” them)

Favorite thing to watch: Ratatouille–it combines my three favorite things: Paris, food and things that I can chase!

Favorite song: “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” from The Aristocats

Did you know? My name is French! It means kitty, but people use it as sweetheart, so really my name is Sweetheart! And let’s face it, I am a sweetheart.

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” –Sigmund Freud