Meet the KONG Dogs: Remi

Not just a KONG dog, meet our catalog cover girl: Remi.


I live with: Brandon Petersen, National Account Manager

My breed: English Chocolate Labrador

My years at KONG: 8 months

My favorite KONG toy: DoDo Bird

My favorite treat: Dried Sweet Potato Chews

Hobbies: Stealing tomatoes from the neighbor’s garden, howling along with the squeak of my toys, chewing holes in socks, napping by the fireplace and eating out of my KONG Wobbler

Favorite thing to watch: National Geographic’s special on cheetahs

Favorite song: Cop’s theme song (Bad boys, watchya gonna do?)

Did you know? If you are really silent and sneaky, you can tip-toe upstairs and snoop around without your parents noticing!

“Do one thing every day that makes you happy!”