Meet the KONG Dogs: Toby and Lilly

Our next pair of KONG dogs are two little peas in a pod… meet Toby and Lilly!

Lilly and Toby 

We live with: Nicole Gerou, Account Services for US Distributors

Our breed:   Chihuahua

Our years at KONG: 1

Our favorite KONG toys:

Lilly:  “My baby elephant Small Cozie

Toby: My medium Cozie - Marvin AKA: Moosey 🙂

Our favorite treats: We love Goldies and Real Peanut Butter  in our small KONG Classic


Lilly: “I loves meeting/visiting with new friends while on my daily stroll, giving kisses, eating treats, and cheese. ;)”

Toby : “I enjoy fishing, hiking up mountains, and Tai Chihuahua in the morning with my sister.”

Favorite movies:

Lilly:  Lady and the Tramp

Toby: White Fang

Favorite songs:  

Lilly : “Don’t mess with Lil”

Toby: “Born to be Wild”

Did you know?   Chihuahuas can live up to 15 years or more.

“Great things come in small packages.” – Lilly & Toby