FALL in Love with KONG

By Sarah Taillon

It’s that time again… The leaves are changing, the kids are back in school and your Pinterest feed is full of pumpkin everything. It’s fall! Unless you’re living in the season-less islands of Hawaii, the same toys that got you and your best friend through the summer are probably stuffed in the closet until next year. With this in mind, KONG staffers have put together our list of must-have fall toys:

1. Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?! Tailgate with your best friend and a treat-stuffed KONG Classic. Stuffed with delicious, healthy KONG Ziggies, this toy will keep your dog occupied and happy through the fourth quarter. Don’t have any Ziggies handy? KONG toys can be stuffed with a variety of tasty ingredients right from your own pantry. Check out our recipes page for ideas.

2. There’s nothing like halftime for getting up and tossing the ball around with your pup. The KONG AirDog Football—an ingenious combination of tennis ball and squeaker toy—will bring out your inner Peyton Manning and have your dog going long in a fun game of fetch.

3. Okay, enough about football. Fall is known for the beautiful colors of changing leaves (and the major hassle of raking said leaves). Why not take advantage by creating a fun game of hide-and-seek for your best friend? The KONG Wubba Friends is durable and easy to toss, plus its colors act as camouflage! Throw this toy into a pile of leaves (that your kid just raked, ha!) and watch your dog go to town.

4. Kids are back in school and KONG has the solution to “the dog ate my homework” excuse. Give your dogs some homework of their own and ensure that they go nowhere near that Algebra II worksheet. The KONG Genius Mike is a puzzle toy that will stimulate curiosity and hold attention as your dog works to release the kibble or treats inside. With everyone occupied, you might get to that episode of Dance Moms issue of the Economist you haven’t had time for.

5. Finally, fall is the coziest season. It’s the time when we all get to put away our summer clothes, throw on a sweater and have another slice of pumpkin pie. Shouldn’t your pup be cozy too? KONG Cozies are perfect for snuggling during nap time but also contain a squeaker to entice play when your dog is up and ready. Cozies are soft and cuddly, yet durable enough to be called KONG.

What is your dog’s favorite toy for fall? Share stories and photos of fall fun with us on Facebook.