Shelters Love KONG & the Feeling is Mutual

KONGs, used in shelters everywhere, provide endless entertainment and comfort for dogs. They can be used to dispense treats for chewing or for fetching, since their playful shape gives them an unpredictable, stimulating bounce.  When animals are enjoying KONG toys, they are less likely to bark, so noise levels drop, which reduces the stress in these environments. Less stress results in happier, more adoptable animals. Below are some reasons we think shelters love KONG and why we love them back:

Why Shelters Love KONG

  • KONG toys are commonly considered key tools to help keep dogs safely entertained and challenged in a shelter environment. They can provide a productive distraction for dogs suffering from separation anxiety or boredom.
  • Due to KONG toys’ durability, most dogs can be safely left alone with an appropriately-sized KONG and they will last through substantial chew sessions, especially when stuffed and frozen.
  • KONGs can be easily cleaned for use with multiple dogs; most dogs lick them clean anyway.
  • KONGs provide hours of chewing satisfaction and stimulation to help reduce stress and anxiety, which can be common in a shelter environment.
  • It has been said you can hear a pin drop in even the loudest kennels right after stuffed KONGs have been distributed. KONGs can cut down on barking by keeping dogs calm and occupied.
  • KONGs can help reduce post-adoption return rates; a familiar KONG can be a source of comfort for a pet acclimating to a new adoptive home.

Why KONG Loves Shelters

  • Animal shelters and rescues care for an estimated six to eight million dogs and cats every year in the United States.
  • These organizations keep millions of dogs and cats off the streets and give them a home.
  • Shelter teams work with animals to promote good behavior and make pets more adoptable while lowering euthanization rates.
  • Animal care organizations work to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce pet overpopulation.
To show our love for shelters, rescues and other animal care organizations, KONG has developed a Pet Partners Program. Click here to learn more.