KONG Makes World History

By Marya Myszczynski

Recently, KONG took to the Big Apple to make history. At the end of the day on August 24, 2013, KONG had set the Guinness World Record for Most Dog Toys Stuffed in an Hour. With the help of the Mayor’s Alliance for NY Animals and shelter volunteers from the across the city, we stuffed 1,975 toys with treats in under an hour! After the event, all of the stuffed KONGs were donated to local NY dogs in shelters and rescues.

You see, we all know that KONG toys are fun for dogs to chew, chase and fetch. What not everyone knows, however, is that they can be stuffed with treats, kibble, broth or a variety of other healthy options. A stuffed KONG functions as a mentally stimulating challenge, since the dog has to work and figure out how to release the treats inside. Dogs everywhere can benefit from having to work for their food, but treat-stuffed KONGs are especially useful in a shelter environment. Which is why we wanted to do this event and get KONG toys in the paws of local NY shelter dogs, but we digress.

The event began bright and early in Riverside Park, in conjunction with Summer Snow Day. Snow Day is an annual event put on by Unleashed by Petco, in effort to increase awareness about how heat affects dogs. They haul 20 tons of snow to locations around the country, creating a fenced-in winter wonderland for dogs to play and prance in the cool, refreshing snow.

As snow began to fill the park, we started setting up each of our “stuffing stations.”

Once our official Guinness World Records adjudicator arrived, she counted the empty KONGs that we’d be stuffing in our attempt.

Volunteers from across the city arrived, anxious to help KONG make history.

With supplies in hand, everyone prepared to get down to business.

The Guinness adjudicator did a quick run down of the rules and we put one hour on the clock!

 Ready. Set. Stuff!

Little did we know, we were working with the speediest stuffers on the eastern seaboard. We had all of the toys stuffed within the first 20 minutes! With the extra time, we decided to wrap each stuffed KONG in saran wrap for easier transportation to the shelters.

As the clock ran down, volunteers cleared the area to let our adjudicator begin the final official count.

It was official! We had set a Guinness World Record for Most Dog Toys Stuffed in One Hour at 1,975 stuffed KONG toys.

We couldn’t have done it without our incredibly awesome volunteers!

After the event, we headed down to Times Square to take in the sights (you can’t go to New York City without a visit to Times Square). While there, we caught a glimpse of KONG’s first NYC billboard; wow!

We always knew we’d look good in lights.

Think your group has what it takes to break our World Record? Email us to get more information!