A Day in the Life of a KONG Office Dog

By Sarah Taillon

June 21st is National Take Your Dog to Work Day and many of America’s dogs will be headed to the office for a day of, well, what? What do dogs do all day?!

At KONG, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day, so we happen to know exactly how dogs spend their days. Let me tell you, it involves lots of napping. When they’re awake however, the KONG office dogs enjoy toys, treats, exercise and social time. Read on to follow KONG dog Phoebe Gogos through her day and see what toys and treats keep her in the lap of office luxury…

KONG all day long.

Phoebe arrives to work ready to eat. She tends to be a little bit of a scarfer, though, and needs to learn to slow her feeding frenzy. No sweat; I fill her KONG Wobbler with kibble and she goes to town. The Wobbler has the added luxury of making her meal last longer, so breakfast goes from about one minute to fifteen. Time to get to work!

Face lickin’ good!

Now that she’s satiated, it’s time for a nap. Phoebe loves to cuddle with a KONG Cozie and has recently become quite attached to the little purple Rhino.

Nothing starts the day off right like a nap.

Phoebe rouses from her less-than-silent slumber (she snores like an old man) and does a little yoga. Once she’s stretched, it’s time to play. After checking to see whether there’s any kibble left in the Wobbler, she moves on to her favorite squeak toy, the KONG Plush Frog. I’ve noticed that she tends to play with a variety of toys – each seem to fulfill a different need for her. Tossing the Frog around and squeaking it like crazy keeps her busy for another fifteen minutes or so.

Downward Dog

Social Hour! Phoebe’s friend, Elvis, comes for a visit and they wrestle a little bit. Having multiple dogs in the office can be a challenge, so it’s important to make sure that your dog will play nicely with others before bringing them in. Phoebe and Elvis get along famously and look forward to their playtime every day. I’ve got work to do, so I put one of our newer products, KONG Chase-It, to good use for the dogs.


Talk about multitasking!

Tired from the playing, Phoebe and Elvis settle in for a little catnap (yes, pun intended).

Why’s this guy on my bed?

The dogs are ready for a walk and I’m ready for some vitamin D. Just the sight of the leash gets Phoebe all worked up for some time in the sun. The dogs relish the opportunity to sniff everything and mark their territory again and again.

Let’s go!

Wow; time flies! Better nap again. First, though, Phoebe demands some belly rubs and I oblige.

Paint me like one of your French girls…

One of the many perks of being a KONG office dog is the opportunity to test new toys being developed. We have a variety of breeds and sizes at KONG HQ, so the dogs are “put to work” ensuring our newest toys are safe, fun and engaging for your pups.

I’ve got to get to a meeting, so Phoebe’s going to have to hold down the fort herself. Like many dogs, she’s got a pretty serious issue with separation anxiety. Luckily, I work for KONG and we get to spend all day together. For those times when I have an appointment or meeting though, a stuffed KONG eases her anxiety and keeps her focused on something other than my departure. She gets a medium KONG Classic and I stuff it with Peanut Butter and KONG Snacks or her kibble… yum! I can almost hear her asking me when I’ll be going to my next meeting.

Now that I’ve got your attention…

You know what Phoebe hasn’t had in a while? A nap!

Life is hard.

Fully rested, Phoebe’s ready for another quick walk before we call it a day. Sometimes, after the walk, she tries to go back into the building instead of the car. The KONG office is like doggie nirvana, so who can blame her? Don’t worry Phoebe, we’ll be back tomorrow and the next day and the day after that!

Explorer dog.

Is your office dog-friendly or do you celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day? Share your story and pictures with us!