5 Summer Essentials for Your Dog

By Marya Myszczynski

Summer is finally here! We’re ready for BBQs, slip-n-slides and, of course, time in the sun with man’s best friend. With summer in mind, we’ve picked our top five toys and treats that every dog owner should have on hand this season.

1.  A classic never goes out of style. KONG Classic is the perfect vehicle for your pup’s frozen summer treat. What frozen treat you ask? KONG Easy Freeze we say! Keeping your dog hydrated is one of the most important steps to ensure your dog stays cool this summer. Mix up a batch of KONG Easy Freeze frozen treats and stuff into their KONG Classic toy for a refreshing summer snack.


2. Summer is hot; water is cool. Plan a trip to the lake and bring along a Wet Wubba for an exciting game of fetch in the water! It is every bit as fun as the Classic Wubba but it wears its very own wetsuit (fast drying neoprene) … and it floats!

floating dog toy for summer trips to the lake or pool


3. Does your dog have the drive to dive? Try the Aqua KONG; Classic KONG rubber with a twist. It floats!  The Aqua has a foam core that keeps it floating while your dog swims out to fetch it. This toy is not only great for fetching but the rope makes it easier for you to throw! It’s perfect for fun in the sun or that dip in the pool.

Summer Essentials water KONG dog toy

4. Ready for a family day at the park? How about a little game of Tug-O-War? Add some squeak to your game and take the new KONG Pull & Squeak for spin! These toys have multiple squeakers that are activated by pulling the ropes at either end of the toy or by squeezing the toy at its center. After a good old-fashioned game of tug, your pooch will be ready for an afternoon nap while you and your family have a relaxing picnic.

Don’t forget the Rules of Tug!


5. Does your dog bark with joy at the site of a tennis ball? Is their love for this toy what you might call an “addiction”? We recently released KONG Sport Balls– think of them as the tennis ball’s stronger, better-looking cousin. Made with extra-thick rubber walls, these toys are tough enough for serious games of fetch. Watch your dog bounce, pass and catch all four styles: soccer ball, basketball, baseball and the lucky 8-ball!


No matter what toys you choose for your best friend this summer, make sure you get out there and have fun! Don’t forget to share your best summer moments with us…

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