My Name is KONG, Too!

Hi! My name is KONG and I am a very special dog (and not just because I’m named after the famous dog toy). I am, first and foremost, the service dog for an amazing boy I call “D”. “D” and I met last August when he, his parents and I graduated from Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). CCI is a non-profit organization that matches highly trained assistance dogs with people who have disabilities and provides ongoing support.

I help “D” with loads of things like picking stuff up, keeping him steady while he’s on his feet and just being there to help whenever he needs me. He’s my best friend and he shows me every day that he thinks I’m pretty special too.

Even though I’ve only been officially working since August, I’ve been moving toward this goal all my life. You see, I was born to be a service dog. All the people and dogs that have been in my life have been helping and teaching me so that I could reach my goal. After all, it takes a village–or should I say a pack–to raise a dog like me!

I started life with my littermates and mom in Northern California, where I was loved and cared for by a very special family. Once we were eight weeks old, each of us traveled by airplane to our new families all over the country. I ended up with my puppy raiser, Sharon, in Phoenix, Arizona and luckily, I had a few half-siblings in the area as well (Dad has a lot of kids). Our puppy raisers are all good friends, so we spent a lot of time together growing up.

Sharon spent 18 months showing me how to be the best service dog ever. She took me to lots of places like stores, movies, restaurants, the beach, and Disneyland. I even got to go to Colorado and meet the people at the KONG Company! She helped me become confident, well mannered, thoroughly versed with my commands and able to handle all of life’s little challenges.

When it was time to go off to college (University of CCI) I had my closest half-siblings with me. We spent six months at college learning special skills like picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors and drawers and even turning lights on and off. Those skills are really important now and I use them every day. We all did very well and graduated together in August.

Well that’s enough about me for now. I am off to meet up with “D.” He’s almost home from school and we have a full schedule today!

Take care,

KONG, CCI Skilled Companion Dog