Meet the KONG dogs: Shaka

Introducing one of KONG’s brightest stars…Shaka.

Shaka is one of our KONG Classic models and is featured on our Rubber Products page!


I live with: Chad Begley, Quality Control Manager

My breed: Rhodesian Ridge Back

My Years at KONG: 7.5

My favorite KONG toy: Classic Biscuit Ball but mostly any toy with food in it.

My favorite Stuff’N: Stuff'N Ziggies!  I once ate a whole bag on my own!

Hobbies: Sleeping on the couch and hiding from fire cracker noises

Favorite movie: The Ghost and the Darkness, closely followed by The Lion King

Favorite song: “Tell Me Something Good” by Chaka Khan

Did you know? Rhodesians were bread to survive the harsher climates of Africa and to chase Lions. Grrr baby!

” Hakuna Matata!”  – Shaka

Check out my favorite recipe Shaka POP!