Meet the KONG Dogs: Cracker

It’s a new year and we have a new KONG dog for you to meet. We try not to play favorites but we’re thinking if this were a pageant, our next dog would definitely take Mr. Congeniality: meet Cracker.


I live with: J.J. Stone, Vice President of Product Development

My breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

My months at KONG: 10

My favorite KONG toy:  Classic Goodie Bone; contrary to popular belief, I’m good to the bone.

My favorite Stuff’N: You can’t go wrong with Stuff'N Yogurt Spread.

Hobbies: Swimming, playing, going for walks and–let’s face it–fending off advances from the lady dogs of the office.

Favorite movie:  Homeward Bound

Favorite song: ‘”Who Let the Dogs Out” (woof, woof, woof!)

Did you know? That pit bulls make wonderful family pets and are very loving when raised by loving owners (like mine!).

“KONG makes me feel like a puppy again!”  -Cracker

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