Meet the KONG Dogs: Roxy

It’s that time again! Let’s meet another one of our KONG dogs. This little lady puts the fab in fabulous and the diva in Shiba. Meet theofficial KONG prima donna…. Roxy!


I live with: Rebecca Huston Export Manager

My breed: Shiba Diva

My years at KONG: 13

My favorite KONG toy:  Wobblers -preferably diamond studded

My favorite Stuff’n: KONG 14-carat Goldies, of course, and Medium Classic KONG  stuffed with sushi

Hobbies: Lounging, shopping, and attempting to make friends with running rabbits and deer

Favorite movie:  Devil Wears Prada Diamond-Studded Pink Leather Collars

Favorite song: “Diamond Dogs” by David Bowie

Did you know? I may be fabulous 24/7 but I have an outdoorsy side too.  My entourage takes me to the Colorado Rockies for a nice hike.  My diva side takes a break and I “get one with nature”. After my hikes, I like to relax with a delicious stuffed Classic KONG.

I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.”  –Mae West

Check out my favorite recipe Diva Dinner!