Meet the KONG Dogs: Elvis

It is time to introduce another one of our KONG dogs. This guy is a fairly new addition to the KONG family. A little dog with with a big dog attitude, meet the one… the only… Elvis!


I live with: Marya Myszczynski, Interactive Marketing Coordinator

My breed: Shih Tzu- American Eskimo-Ladies Man

My years at KONG: One

My favorite KONG toy: KONG Wubba Rabbit….my main squeeze

My favorite Stuff’n: Stuff’N Real Peanut Butter Paste, Bacon, Honey and Bananas aka “The Elvis”

Hobbies: Makin’ the ladies in the office swoon

Favorite movie: Lady and The Tramp

Favorite song: “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley

Did you know? I’m the best dancer in the KONG office. I’ve got my eye on a new dance partner. A little lady by the name of Phoebe GoGos..

“If you ain’t never caught a rabbit you ain’t no friend of mine”. – The King

Check out my favorite recipe, The Elvis!