The Pet Gift that Keeps on Giving

Now that Halloween is over and the world (read: retailers) demands that you get into the holiday spirit, we thought we’d help ease the transition with a funny little Holiday Horror Story.

We recently asked our KONG facebook fans to share their stories of funny, heartwarming or downright wacky holidays with their pets. There was a flood of good material and the KONG staff enjoyed sifting through our customers’ holiday memories. Alas, we had to choose a favorite and there was one story we just couldn’t forget. So, without further ado…

Submitted by Katie Claypoole

Last year at Christmas, I was boxing a lovely bedding set that I had gotten for my Mother-in-law. I had to fold it in a very specific way to get it into the only box I could find. I had gotten as far as packing the comforter when I received a phone call, so I left the box there.

Well, I came back about 10 minutes later, proceeded to finish packing the rest of the set, and taped the box. I then began to cut the wrapping paper for the box when I heard a frantic scratching sound! I realized immediately what had happened and opened the box to find my Siamese kitten, Nova, inside.

She must have wiggled inside the comforter while I was on the phone, and since she was so small I didn’t even notice anything. Relieved, I took her out and finished wrapping the box. Crisis averted.

Epilogue. A few weeks later, on Christmas day, my Mother-in-law opened her gifts, delighted to find the bedding set in the colors she wanted. However, an odd smell wafted from the box when opened. I thought back to packing the box and—with mounting dread—realized what happened. Nova had pooed inside the comforter; I was mortified.

Luckily my Mother-in-law LOVES Nova, so she forgave her. We cut our losses and took my Mother-in-law out to dinner the next day, where we all had a good laugh.

Happy Holiday Season!