Technology and Cats… Why?

The technology that drives iPetCompanion was not originally created for pets.  It was created for manufacturing environments to allow technicians and QA personnel the ability to remotely fix, or inspect, products that are continents away without leaving their headquarter offices.  The creators of the technology thought it would be a cute idea to place their invention into a local animal shelter in hopes that it would raise awareness and, perhaps, generate a few additional adoptions.  They were right.

Within 45 minutes of a link being placed on the first shelters’ homepage, visitors from as far away as England were playing with animals in the States.  Within two days the company had hundreds of requests from shelters around the nation, and within two weeks there were 79 countries participating in online kitty play.  The longest view time from any one user is 14 hours (never closing the browser and continually clicking the “Are You Still Watching” box) while the average viewing time for all people watching is 37 minutes.

There are currently 172 countries that interact Live with sheltered animals via iPetCompanion and people in 42 countries have become members of the iPetCompanion community to get the latest information and the first opportunity to play with kittens before the general public as new shelters come online.  Isn’t it amazing that people in Europe and Asia are actually playing with kittens in the US – in real-time?  Global awareness and global kitty luv have been achieved…

Did You Know?  After just a few weeks of launching at one of our shelters, iPet Companion had the following response:

  • 18% increase in kitten adoptions
  • 295% increase in sponsorships
  • 52% sustained increase in overall web traffic


Our Favorite Story: 

At the launch of one of our shelters, we received a message stating the following:


“THANK YOU- THANK YOU- THANK YOU! I’m a paraplegic and I can’t leave my apartment; my apartment doesn’t allow pets and I have been void of animal interactions for years.  You have brought back an emotional connection for me that I thought was gone forever!  Thank you so much.  I LOVE these kitties!!!