We Love Our Customers

We receive customer emails everyday but every now and then we receive a message that really makes us smile. We know that we have the greatest customers in the world but we wanted to share this story to show just how much we care about you. This story comes from Scarlett Barbosa and her dog Taz. We strive to  have the best customer service in the business and it’s always nice to hear a little positive feedback for our efforts. Thank you for writing us Scarlett!

Dear Kong Company ~

I am writing this letter to let you know we will forever be customers of Kong products. Our “baby” Taz (179 lbs., Mastiff/Rottweiler) made a believer out of us. The first thing that made me a true advocate is when I contacted Customer Service in regard to an outdated prize check. Taz was the “Kong Stuff-A-Ball Photo Contest Winner back in 2006. We received a check and a Kong Gift Basket. Taz LOVED the gift basket and I LOVED the Check! I loved it so much I didn’t cash it right away so that I could show everyone the prize our boy Taz won! Days became weeks, weeks became months, months became years and I totally forgot about cashing the check! When I came upon the outdated check I immediately called customer service to see if they would honor it three years later. I was completely shocked when they said “No Problem”! I received a new check within weeks and cashed it immediately. I have told this story many times because it’s a rarity these days to find such True Customer Service. Your company went above and beyond to rectify a situation that was completely my mistake.

The second reason my husband and I will forever be fans of Kong products is because Taz loved them so much and the Kong is definitely Built to Last. As I said, Taz got his first and most favorite Kong Stuff-A-Ball in May of 2006. I put peanut butter and other treats in this ball, and it kept him busy for hours. He chewed and gnawed and pawed and carried that Kong everywhere. When we lived in our two-story home Taz never failed to search out his Kong to carry it up two flights of stairs to his bed. And it was the first thing he picked up before traveling down the stairs in the morning. The Stuff-A-Ball continued to be his favorite toy until he was “called home”. We lost our beloved Taz on June 31, 2012. He was always the most faithful and loyal companion and will forever be missed. Although our hearts are sad without him, there is peace in knowing he is no longer in pain. We look forward to the day he comes running to greet us once again……..carrying his Kong Stuff-A-Ball!

Thank you for so many great memories!

Scarlett Barbosa