Wubba Working for the Working Dog


As a company inspired by a former police dog, we do all we can to support the working dog. Nothing makes us happier than to hear that our toys have made a difference in the lives of these dogs. This story comes from Officer Geraldine Earthman from the Grand Junction Colorado Police Department.

“Oldo is a 9 1/2 year old German Shepherd that worked as a police dog for 7 years.  Oldo has always loved toys to chew on, something he does non-stop. His favorites were traditional KONGS, because as you know, tough police dogs cannot be seen with dog toys that aren’t tough too.

During the last 3 years of his service, Oldo finally decided he did not care what the other dogs thought of him, and he made the leap to toys that showed his softer side. His favorite quickly became the Wubba, which he loves because it squeaks.

Last year Oldo had to retire after he was injured subduing a bad guy and saving his human officers in the process from severe injury or death. Oldo’s injuries were severe enough that now the only type of exercise his body can handle is swimming. When Oldo first tried swimming he really did not know how, however once I threw a Water Wubba into the water nothing was going to stop him. He loves his Water Wubba so much he swims laps for it, and because they squeak, he is so very happy.

During Oldo’s working career he used the KONGS as a way to relieve stress. Now he uses the Wubbas and the Water Wubbas for fun and for maintaining good health, both of which we hope are things he enjoys for years to come.” – Officer Geraldine Earthman from the Grand Junction Colorado Police Department