Bringing Home a New Cat

Decided to adopt a new cat? Not sure where to start? We have compiled a few helpful tips for welcoming home your new kitty. Taking a few extra steps can make the transition a little easier and help your new cat to feel at home.


• Cat-proof your home before your cat arrives.

• Keep toxic items and plants out of reach

• Remove or cover electrical cords or other hanging items that could be tempting to play with

• Don’t leave small objects lying around that could be hazardous

• Protect valuables and other breakables

•  Take your new cat to a veterinary clinic within the first week to update vaccinations and get tested for various diseases and medical conditions.

• Bring your new cat home to a calm quiet situation. Your new cat will probably be stressed enough without a bunch of people competing for his attention.

• Once home, leave the carrier opened on the floor in a safe room. Don’t make any effort to coax him out of his carrier. He will come out on his own. Cats like to do things on their own terms.

• Your cat will need a safe, quiet place to call its own. Decide where this will be and place a special mat or bed there. Your cat’s sleeping location the first week in his new home will set pace for life.

• Keep your new kitty’s litter box in a location where it’s easily accessible but private and away from their food dishes. A rule of thumb is one box per cat and one extra. Research kitty litter to find the right kind for your cat.

• Make sure your new cat is registered with the local authority and keep your cat’s vaccination and healthcare records up to date.

 Checklist of necessities for your new cat:

☐ Food

☐ Bowls

☐ Litter & litter box

☐ Collar

Kitty KONG

☐ High quality cat toys

☐ ID tag/ chip

☐ Bed

☐ Brush

☐ Treats

☐ Scratching post