A New Family Member

Preparing for your Pooch

As we are a dog company, we tend to have a few new dogs join the KONG family every year. While no one can ever be 100% prepared for a new pooch and all the madness that comes with it, we do have a few tips that can help toward a smooth transition.

Preparing for a new dog and anticipating its needs now can help to avoid problems later in life and ensure your dog is happy and well trained. Here are a couple tips to help you prepare for your new pooch:

• Dog-proof your home before your dog arrives.

• Keep toxic items and plants out of reach

• Remove or cover electrical cords

• Don’t leave small toys or other objects lying around

• Bring your new dog home during a weekend or collect them in the morning so they have all day to settle into their new home. A busy environment can be disorienting and frightening to a new dog.

• Ensure the whole family agrees on commands, boundaries and how to act around the dog. Avoid giving mixed messages to your pet. Inconsistency is  very confusing for a new dog. He needs to know what he can and cannot do.

• Let your dog explore. New surroundings are interesting. Decide which rooms will be accessible to your dog. You can expand into other rooms as you learn more about your dog’s chewing and toilet habits.

• Your dog will need a safe, quiet place to call its own. Decide where this will be and place a special mat or bed there.

• Find information about your local dog trainers and consider dog training and socialization classes as they are important for your dog’s development.

• Make sure your new dog is registered with the local authority and keep your dog’s vaccination and healthcare records up to date.

Here is a checklist of new dog necessities:

☐ Food

☐ Bowls

☐ Crate

☐ Collar & Leash

☐ KONG & other quality toys

☐ ID tag/ Chip

☐ Bed

☐ Brush

☐ Treats for training

☐ Baby gates

Welcoming a new dog to the family is exciting! Taking these extra steps will make the transition a little easier and help them feel at home.