A Story of a Shelter Dog and KONG

This story comes from Debby Hylton, a volunteer from a Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Texas.

Your donations and support for our rescue are invaluable.  Your products provide such a great need whether it is feeding additional calories to an emaciated rescue dog, teaching good habits or deterring the rescue dog from undesirable behaviors. This “tool” is pivotal in rescue.  We greatly appreciate all that you do for rescues, shelters and companion pets everywhere. This is a story from one of our foster Mom’s taking care of a special needs rescue dog named Mirabella.

The Nose Knows

Mirabella is our darling little foster dog with many special needs.  She is a beautiful, blind and severely immune-compromised Cocker Spaniel that has environmental and food allergies, as well as mobility issues due to extreme weakness in her hindquarters. Bella has some issues but eating is NOT one of them.  She loves to eat and sucks up kibble more quickly than we can throw it down!  She revels in sniffing for her food and loves the challenge of food puzzles, food balls and working for her kibble. Mirabella has an excellent sense of smell and enjoys the sniffing/eating combo so much that it has become our normal routine in feeding her.

On this particular Saturday night, my husband and I were looking for some quiet time and decided to break out what we’ve discovered to be a dog owner’s best friend—the Frozen KONG! After mere moments of nose recon and a few quick flicks of her tongue, Mirabella had discovered the cold hard frozen KONG and determined she’d struck the mother lode!

Thus began yet another foster dog’s love affair with the frozen KONG.  Nowadays all it takes to get Mirabella to do her happy-happy joy-joy dance and have her face light up like Christmas morning is for me to open the freezer door. When she hears the rustling of the plastic bags full of frozen KONGs she stands at attention at the freezer, just waiting for her turn.  I bend down so she can smell the KONG and she prances (to the best of her ability) and follows the frozen fragrance of her favorite food to her eating bed.

Even after years of fostering, our dogs still love them. As an owner and a foster mom looking for some “relax-time,” I L-O-V-E them, too! ~ Debby – Foster Mom of Mirabella of Cocker Spaniel Rescue Austin/San Antonio (CSRA)

Being a foster family to many dogs has taught me a thing or two about the best equipment to use for those stressed, unsure, scared and/or insecure orphans.  And by far, the frozen-KONG has been my go-to favorite equipment since the day I discovered its special powers.  I usually have about 10 frozen KONGs in my freezer at all times.