KONG LOVES Cats, too!


KONG is best known as a dog toy company, and the iconic Classic KONG toy has been bringing joy to dogs for over 35 years. However, in recent years KONG has made an effort to increase the number and variety of toys and treats that it manufactures for cats. Just like their canine counterparts, playtime is an important and healthy part of a feline’s development and care.

Cats have an instinctual need to hunt and capture prey, and this energy is released if they are able to bat at a teaser toy, chase a laser light, or stalk and capture catnip-filled toys. By incorporating regular play sessions into your kitty’s schedule, you will have a happier, less anxious companion. In addition, directing this innate energy towards a toy or scratcher makes it less likely that your cat will feel compelled to shred curtains, claw furniture, or engage in other destructive behaviors.

The KONG Company now makes a number of treat-dispensing toys for cats, including the classic KONG toy manufactured in the USA from high quality rubber. You can fill a Kitty KONG with Cat Morsels or salmon-flavored Easy Treat paste, and the durable rubber stands up to your cat’s sharp teeth. The unpredictable bouncing and rolling of the toy also engage interest from cats as they are naturally drawn to its movements.

If you have a feline companion, please take a few moments to look at the cat products we offer. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions regarding our products, feel free to send your thoughts to kong@kongcompany.co.