1. Beggin’ Baylie


    This recipe was inspired by KONG Office Dog, Baylie, who’s known for making the rounds throughout the day, collecting more than her fair share of treats. Ingredients: – -Yogurt -Mashed… [Read More]

  2. Happy Belly


    By: Emma K. This recipe was the winning entry for our first ever KONG Connect Recipe Contest! It’s great for doggie health & digestion. Ingredients: – Canned Pumpkin – Shredded Apple… [Read More]

  3. Hungry Hungry


    By: Theresa Martin Ingredients: -Canned dog food -Chopped Carrots -Cheese Bits -Kibble   Layer the KONG with your favorite canned dog food with chopped carrots, cheese bits and kibble. Seal… [Read More]

  4. The Bachelor


    By: Chris Lawrence Ingredients: -Spam -Eggs   Mix up SPAM and eggs and stuff into a KONG.

  5. Home Cookin’


    By: Alisha Jump Ingredients: -Mashed Potatoes -Broccoli -Beef Broth   Mix mashed potatoes, broccoli and beef broth. Stuff ingredients into a KONG and freeze.

  6. That’s Bananas


    By: Ladena Sipes Ingredients: -Applesauce -Banana -Apple Slices -Broth   Combine applesauce, a sliced banana, apple slices and broth. Mix, freeze inside a KONG, serve.

  7. Arctic Chicken


    By: Angie Sadler Ingredients: -KONG Easy Treat PB -Dog food -Chicken Broth   Stuff the small end of a KONG with Easy Treat Peanut Butter paste, add some dog kibble,… [Read More]

  8. Summer Vacation


    By: Winter Liera Ingredients: -Peanut Butter -Fresh Banana -Fresh Mango -1 Tbs of Greek Yogurt   Mix peanut butter, fresh banana, fresh mango and 1 Tbs of Greek Yogurt, stuff… [Read More]