1. Bubba’s Breakfast


    This recipe was inspired by KONG office dog, Bubba. Ingredients: – Scrambled egg – Cheddar Cheese –   Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Stuff into the KONG. Add… [Read More]

  2. Cracker’s Oats


    This recipe was inspired by KONG office dog, Cracker. Meet Mr. Congeniality! Ingredients: -Oatmeal -Yogurt -Peaches   Keep the oats or oatmeal raw or cook for a warm treat. Mix all… [Read More]

  3. Diva Dinner


    Eat like a Queen! This recipe was inspired by KONG office diva Roxy.  Ingredients: -Cooked diced chicken breast -Diced carrots -Frozen Peas -Gravy -Rice   Mix all ingredients together and stuff… [Read More]

  4. The Elvis


    This recipe was inspired by KONG Office Dog and ladies man, Elvis.

  5. Beggin’ Baylie


    This recipe was inspired by KONG Office Dog, Baylie, who’s known for making the rounds throughout the day, collecting more than her fair share of treats. Ingredients: – -Yogurt -Mashed… [Read More]

  6. Happy Belly


    By: Emma K. This recipe was the winning entry for our first ever KONG Connect Recipe Contest! It’s great for doggie health & digestion. Ingredients: – Canned Pumpkin – Shredded Apple… [Read More]

  7. Hungry Hungry


    By: Theresa Martin Ingredients: -Canned dog food -Chopped Carrots -Cheese Bits -Kibble   Layer the KONG with your favorite canned dog food with chopped carrots, cheese bits and kibble. Seal… [Read More]

  8. The Bachelor


    By: Chris Lawrence Ingredients: -Spam -Eggs   Mix up SPAM and eggs and stuff into a KONG.

  9. That’s Bananas


    By: Ladena Sipes Ingredients: -Applesauce -Banana -Apple Slices -Broth   Combine applesauce, a sliced banana, apple slices and broth. Mix, freeze inside a KONG, serve.

  10. Arctic Chicken


    By: Angie Sadler Ingredients: -KONG Easy Treat PB -Dog food -Chicken Broth   Stuff the small end of a KONG with Easy Treat Peanut Butter paste, add some dog kibble,… [Read More]