1. Holiday Gift Guide


    By Marya Myszczynski It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year—the time to celebrate and reward your pet for a year’s worth of snuggles, slobber and unconditional love. Gifts, like… [Read More]

  2. Tips for a Happy Holiday


    Dogs are creatures of habit and holidays tend to disrupt their sense of security. Parties, travel and the frenzy of activity during the holidays can overexcite and stress out our… [Read More]

  3. Meet the KONG Dogs: Gracie Lou

    Gracie - bounzer

    Some KONG dogs are true beauty pageant queens…and we have one of our very own: meet Gracie Lou. Gracie Lou I live with: Laura Gonzales, Accounts Receivable My breed: Yellow… [Read More]

  4. KONG Cares

    manufacturing pic

    “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” –Bob Ross By Emily Lewis With every manufacturing process, there are bound to be products that come out slightly flawed. Manufacturing KONGs is… [Read More]

  5. National Adopt a Senior Pet Month


    By KONG Guest Blogger, Michael Baugh Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Older dogs, sadly among the least likely to be adopted from shelters, make great… [Read More]

  6. Meet the KONG Dogs: Chilly

    chilly photo

    This KONG dog is an ice cream lover, just like the rest of us… meet Chilly. Chilly I live with: Chuck Costello, Product Design and Management My breed: Alaskan Malamute… [Read More]

  7. Meet the KONG Dogs: Zeke


    This KONG dog’s just one of the guys… meet Zeke. Zeke I live with: Danielle Cornejo, Account Manager My breed: Lab mix My years at KONG: 10 My favorite KONG… [Read More]

  8. Meet the KONG Cats: Minou

    Minou 2

    This KONG cat is a true sweetheart: meet Minou. Minou I live with: Emily Lewis, Marketing Coordinator My breed: Shelter kitty! Perhaps a domestic short-hair…but, a fluffy one My years… [Read More]

  9. Meet the KONG Cats: Gizzy


    You’ve met our office dogs, but now it’s time to get acquainted with our KONG cats: meet Gizzy. Gizzy I live with: Gina Croci, Quality Systems My breed: Domestic short-hair… [Read More]